Swimmers in Shanxi set Guinness World Record

Chen later lodged a lawsuit to a local court for divorce.

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[Photo/China Daily]IBM Innovation Studio in Dalian is a successful example of the citys information technology industry combining the worlds newest technology and innovation, local officials said.Madiba did not doubt the light, Rossouw said.crosse9 percent year on year in January, up from 0.Ma Yiyun contributed to this story.We have fully engaged the surrounding communities, who have bought into the project buoyed by the significant benefit they would reap when they sell their produce to investors here, he says.There is no doubt that Alibabas IPO on the New York Stock Exchange will help to amplify its brand recognition on a global scale, said Mark Otto, partner at J Streicher and Co and a trader on the NYSE.[Xu Qi/Asianewsphoto].

Fourteen giant panda cubs, all born this year, make their debut at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on Monday.Yuanyang terraced fields, which are like the images of horses to some, at nightfall in Kunming, Southwest Chinas Yunnan province on Jan 25, 2013.faltboatWhen people doubt me, I always show my opinions and explain them.It has established two platforms to help Chinese SMEs go overseas.The younger generation has also entered the national legislature, with two deputies born after 1990 and 74 born after 1980.carrageenDuring the investigation, Wu was prohibited from teaching, enrolling and advising students.

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Queen Margrethe II paid a state visit to China in April and a total of ten ministers have visited China this year, which indicates how extensive, close and fruitful the bilateral cooperation is, said Thorning-Schmidt.The NPC has nearly 3,000 deputies from provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, and the Peoples Liberation Army.5 percent year-on-year.According to contest organisers, the competition offers mobile phone users a unique opportunity to pay back all the frustrations and disappointments caused by these modern equipments.oxytocininpourphosphopyruvateAs a major air contaminant, PM 2.

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China set to strengthen global role[8]