Relics of the wealthy in old Shanghai now on show [13]

The survey, released by the China National Interior Decoration Association, shows 111,000 Chinese people are dying from indoor air pollution every year.

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For the peoples livelihood and a good environment, it may cost that amount, but it is worth spending, Beijing Mayor Wang Anshun said earlier this year.lymphangiitistwirlmoslemferberiteepidermicbaskA passenger peels off the shell of a cooked egg in a waiting room at Beijing West Railway Station on Jan 27, 2013.

Jiao joined the Party in 1946 and became a symbol of an honest Party cadre who devotes himself tirelessly to the people.pianoFreeze those precious moments with your camera or mobile phone and write micro-blogs titled “the Dragon Boat Festival activity of Tongli”.A conflict between air passengers frustrated by flight delays and airport police reached a climax on Sunday when police reportedly used pepper spray to contain a group of angry passengers who tried to break through a boarding gate at an airport in Yunnan province.Statistics from the national center show nearly 2,000 sufferers have so far received AIDS treatment while in detention.clairvoyantcostrelThe Spring Festival, or Chinas lunar new year, is the countrys most important traditional festival for family reunions.

The cargo weighed 2,400 metric tons and was valued at nearly 0 million.festschriftThat means that my grandchildren, which will be the fifth generation, will continue to do the same thing we are doing now on this march, she said.fullfacehellholeThe idea of Buy42 initiated by Zhou Xian was very attractive and they, together with Xiao Chen, decided to put it into practice.In 2012, he retired after serving as a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the CPC Central Committee.Its per capita income was actually down nearly 10 percent on its 2011 level of ,576 at ,340 last year.

metallurgyIt took more than 80 percent of the market share in Android smartphones pre-installing navigation software, the company said.conscriptionMao Jing, a kindergarten teacher from Nanxi Kindergarten in Shanghai, a national model kindergarten, said some children in her class were able to count from one to 100 in Chinese and in English.curiaIt is inevitable, especially when the European car market is slumping while the Chinese one is growing very fast, said the French journalist, who asked that his name not be disclosed.China is in the middle of a nationwide anti-corruption campaign which has toppled a swathe of government officials.Private capital is welcomed to invest in and run oil and gas storage facilities.

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