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Pandemic undermines global employment, trade
  Although December trade figure havent yet been released, but Huatai Securities Co Ltd offered an estimate on Tuesday of a surplus of 31 billion yuan (.
  Full scale reform of the health care system began in 2009.
  The commission said it will attach great importance to investigating officials who continue to act corruptly or are involved in low moral activities.
  According to data released by the China Banking Regulatory Commission on Monday, the total assets of Chinese lenders reached 131.
  The school bus employees are also forcing students, who study in Hong Kong but live in Shenzhen, to smuggle mobile phones in for them.
  BEIJING - Senior leader Liu Yunshan on Saturday called for persistent implementation of the Partys mass line campaign, as the second phase of the campaign nears the end.
  But it has stimulated students to study hard and show love for their parents, Teng said.
  Related coverages2013 Central Economic Work Conference Decoding Chinas economic reform roadmap.
  ” I come to realize there are innumerable “educated” youngsters who focus on job security.
  The center gives him an allowance of 350 yuan () per month in home support.
The Ministry of Education posted a notice on its website on Thursday requiring education, public security, traffic and health authorities to collaborate to provide a good environment for test-takers during the exam.

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Its fiscal expenditures on education last year accounted for 4 percent of GDP - 2.environmentalismOrganizers said one example highlighted the broader picture perfectly.Ni Qiang, Mayor of Haikou was elected as the fourth president of AMF.conductiveBetween 2004 and 2013 as head of the CNPC, Jiang abused his power to seek profits for others in construction projects, promotions and other matters, and he asked for or illegally accepted money and goods himself or through his wife from 14 units and individuals, which should be pursued as the crime of accepting bribes, prosecutors said.cordwainerThe annual gross domestic product (GDP) statistics is scheduled to be released by the National Bureau of Statistics next Tuesday.