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Good vibrations keep trains humming during holidays
The evolution of Hong Kong culture: Beauty power[12]
It is totally understandable there should be controls on who exactly is going there because it is one of the most visited places in all of China, she said. 2020-09-22
China has played a very important role in setting up the framework for APECs cross-border e-commerce facilitation, Wang said. 2020-09-8
The touching photos earned a lot of praise online. 2020-09-25
On the other hand, it is best not to rely too much on financial capital inflows, which could well call for introduction of sensible forms of capital controls at times. 2020-09-25
Since Tuesday, rainstorms have triggered flooding and landslides in some parts of South China, leaving 33 dead and 12 missing. 2020-09-8
An initial investigation showed the accident was caused by Calor gas explosion. 2020-09-19
For families with no members at home in the daytime, the government should give half of the allowance. 2020-09-3
7 on the Richter scale hit the same region before and after the magnitude 5. 2020-09-29
A row of makeshift houses built for migrant workers, especially for couples with windows covered by newspaper, at a construction site in Nanjing, East Chinas Jiangsu province on June 26, 2012. 2020-09-21
It started at the Swedish level and now comes in at the US level. 2020-09-1
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