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          Nabejja is one of the thousands of Ugandan small scale farmers benefiting from an agriculture project that is run by the UNs Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Ugandan government and China.[2020-09-18]
          The latest round of flood crests on the Songhua River is expected to reach Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province, on Tuesday, flood control experts said on Sunday.[2020-09-19]
          Also, the pair allegedly started rumors that local civil servants must donate money to the red cross society and maligned the countrys charity system.[2020-09-1]
          The ministry stressed that it was obvious that the sole source of the current threats to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine was the internal political crisis in the country.[2020-09-8]
          The threshold of waging a war is simply much higher (than the Cold War era).[2020-09-11]
          Looking well-groomed in a white shirt, scarf and a black blazer, Assange blasted US President Barack Obamas administration, saying it was not taking Edward Snowdens revelations about the National Security Agencys surveillance activities seriously.[2020-09-5]
          I can walk into any train station, watch the passengers around me and imagine their travel stories.[2020-09-14]
          According to Li, other fast-developing fields such as the incomes of maids and nannies as well as rural roads and bridges built in charity programs were not encompassed by Chinas GDP either.[2020-09-18]
          9 percent in the period, NBS figures showed.[2020-09-13]
          84 million and the areas GDP in 2016 reached 287.[2020-09-24]
          The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation will promote ties through a platform of change and improvement, with more than 50 documents on infrastructure construction expected to be signed, officials with the nations top economic regulator said on Wednesday.[2018-9-21]
          He also expressed hopes the team respond to the situation in a calm manner and return safely at an early date.[2018-7-15]
          It tried on the other side, and I pushed it back again, he said.[2018-10-23]
          Construction workers take a nap on the floor of a construction site in Nanning city, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, July 6, 2014.[2018-3-8]
          The skill of CEO is something in my DNA, and I have learned to be a CEO since I came into this world, said Tomaso Trussardi, a fourth-generation descendant of Dante Trussardi, the founder of the Trussardi Group, a multi-million dollar Italian luxury company that produces clothing and accessories.[2019-7-31]
          He reiterated plans to bring eight Borei submarines designed to launch ICBMs into service in that period, in addition to eight smaller Yasen type submarines, also atomic-powered.[2018-12-26]
          Our athletes are clean and we respect the anti-doping rules.[2018-7-11]
          I just want some basic treatment when my condition worsens so that I wont be living in agony.[2017-6-24]
          I was forced to go on two dates during the first four days of the holiday, said Cheng Xiaonian, a female office worker in Taiyuan, capital of north Chinas Shanxi Province.[2019-9-27]
          The central bank has opted for selective easing aimed at specific sectors and targeted stable, lower interbank interest rates so far in 2014, according to Barclays Research.[2015-6-10]
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